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The School Year is almost over, but we still have a lot of work to do! 
2016-2017 Semester  
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I wish you guy would read more 
3 Things You Should Do Everyday After School
1. Read every night. 20 minutes or more!
2. Review  high frequency word video. 
3. Review multiplication facts video . 
4. Talk to your parent about your day. 
Reading Fluency Practice Example
Set timer for 1 minute. Read without stopping. Note how far you got. Read again and try to go farther. 
Fox and Frog It is hot.
Frog sits on a pad.
Frog sits still in the hot sun. He does not hop.
He does not jump. Frog is just too hot.
Fox is very sad.He wants to jump with Frog.
He wants to hop with Frog. But Frog just sits still. Fox sits on a log.
Fox comes up with a good plan. Fox gets a very big fan for Frog.
Now Frog hops and jumps again. Frog and Fox hop and jump together.
Fox is very glad.
1. Why does Frog sit still?
2. Why does Fox get the fan?

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Fluency Reading Goal

Make a goal to read more and faster. 
Time yourself for a 1 minute. Count the number of words you read in 1 minute. 
Time yourself again and see if you can beat your score. 
Your goal is 80 words per minute. 

Movies That Matter Video Project

Movies that MatterWe are getting close to finishing all of our video projects for the Movies That Matter video competition.
All video recording must be done by Friday April  7
All video editing must be done by April 21
Don't forget May 24th is the M.T.M Movie Premier at The Valley Performing Arts Center  4-6 pm